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Me & You Education

Me and You Education was started due to the demand from the education sector for clarity, advice and training on tackling extremism and radicalisation across Europe and beyond.

This collaboration between REWIND UK and Facets Consulting Ltd was originally called The Imam and The Skinhead as it reflected the polar opposite starting positions of both organisations’ founders. Eventually the idea became Me and You, which still reflected the personalities behind the training project, but also directly challenged the extremist rhetoric of ‘us and them.’

The co-founders of Me and You Education (MYE) are Dave Allport and Irfan Chishti. Two very distinctly different people, but nevertheless united and committed to their cause. They share the same British values of respect, accepting difference and honesty. We believe that through educating, building resilience and therefore empowering people we can go a long way in fighting against extremism, radicalisation and ultimately terrorism.

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