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Local Authority Service Manager

“Invaluable training for all Public sector staff – would highly recommend.”

Local Authority Head

“You managed to bring humour to a very harrowing subject!”

Local Authority staff

“Fantastic training day. In-depth and bang up to date subject knowledge.”

Local Authority staff

“Very passionate delivery. Obviously, an expert in this field Thank you!”

Local Authority Service Manager

“Didn’t want the training to end! Would have been happy to carry on listening to more of Dave’s experiences.”

HUB Manager

“Excellent training day. Dave gave a very balanced and straightforward view. Great guy doing amazing work.”

Local Authority Assistant Manager

“Very good development day with REWIND UK. For me, it highlighted issues which lots of organisations refuse to talk about.” 

Local Authority – Youth Service Manager

“This training session by REWIND UK was by far the most informative and enlightening that I have ever attended and believe me, in my career I have attended hundreds!”

Case study – DFE Report

“The REWIND project aims to provoke deep thought about issues of race and to provide a safe, no-blame atmosphere in which participants are encouraged to debate issues about race, extremism and related areas of contention.”

Evaluation by Coventry University

“Introduce peer education and mentoring work undertaken successfully by REWIND UK regarding education and to undertake community development work aimed at reducing hate crime and extremism. Recommendation to Government to fund such an initiative and roll out to affected local authority areas..”

Convicted Terrorist – Ex member of Fascist group

“The meetings with Dave helped me enormously reshape my old, very deeply rooted views and ideas about race, skin colour and also the Jewish dimension. This led to me to have the chance to do a DNA test, of which the results were shocking. It completely pulled the rug out from under my feet, leaving the Far Right ideology in ruins. With Dave’s help and support, I no longer have any contact with the Far Right and my life has massively turned around for the better.”

Former Secretary of State

“I am very grateful for the work of REWIND UK in local communities across the country to tackle issues of racism and extremism. I know you have worked closely with officials here on a number of very successful initiatives. We would like to continue to draw on the experiences of projects such as REWIND UK, who are already engaged in successful work to address these issues at a local and national level.”

Secondary School Assistant head

“At St Michael’s we fully endorse the British Values project that Rewind have delivered to our year 7 and 9 students. The 4-day project was delivered to each year group, which have 240 students in. And the project also created an opportunity for us to work collaboratively with some of our local schools – both primary and secondary. The sessions have been of extremely high quality, the project is highly engaging and meets many school priorities including current government and OFSTED agendas. I would highly recommend it as a project to be delivered in schools.”