Core Rewind Anti-Racism Course

//Core Rewind Anti-Racism Course
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(Primary and Secondary Schools, Youth Services and Staff Training including Peer Education Courses for Young People and ‘Train the Trainer’ Courses for Staff)

REWIND UK has been a leader in the field of anti-racist education for several years. The core of this project, delivered through schools and youth centres, is to undermine the many and varied types of racism.

This delivery can take place in school assemblies, the classroom, and involves all year groups yet can also be targeted towards small group delivery and one-to-one work if required. The same delivery, which can be tailored to suit specific needs, can be offered as an informal educational package via youth work, that includes issue based activities within youth centres and also detached youth work.

We also offer a Peer Education Course for young people and a Train The Trainers course for staff members. These courses take place over three days, which do not have to be consecutive, and give participants the opportunity to receive our training in their respective places of education or work.

They have proved to be very effective as they deliver more continuity than a one-off event. We have examples of schools promoting and discussing REWIND material up to eight years after our initial visit. This means literally thousands of pupils are benefiting from this.

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